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Welcome to my lifelong passion, competitive match fishing !! With 20+ years of match fishing behind me I hold nothing back, I tell it like it is

Welcome to my personal match fishing dedicated website, Here I share all details on my successful matches through my blogs, the tactics used and the decisions I made during these matches. 

I try to explain what's running through my mind and the changes I've needed to make during my matches. We all read the latest fishing magazines and online tutorials from many of the UK's leading matchman and youtube is full of fishing video's but the same anglers always seem to do better than the rest. So it must be the decisions they make during their matches that sets them apart and that's what I try to explain in my blogs.

I mainly fish on commercial venues near to my home town of Evesham, Worcestershire and I'm very lucky to have an excellent choice of venues to match fish. You can read about these venues here and I have selected some excellent tutorial match fishing videos to watch on my venue pages. They were filmed on the same venues and feature some of the Country's leading match anglers. They explain tips and tactics far better than I ever could.

Over recent years social media has exploded as an excellent tool for learning and some of the leading tackle brands have uploaded some excellent tutorial video footage on this medium and I have learnt so much from it. If you're on Facebook or Twitter give me a like and a follow.  

Please scroll down to read my latest framing match blogs. I only blog when I've made the right decisions and picked up. All my match results can be found on my Match Stats pages  

These are my latest match Blogs. Please visit my main Blog Page for blogs from the last couple of years  

Despite Manor Farm Leisure being on my door step I don't really fish there much, but this week I fished the Saturday Open on the island pool. The weather forecast was for strong blustery winds for most of the day. Fishing the pole would be difficult and rods would come into play. Manor is a good bomb and pellet venue...