2016 My personal review of a record breaking year!

2016 - A review of the record breaking year!

What a year, possibly the most successful one to date in my match fishing career! Winning 23 Open and club matches that I entered and also framing another 27 times. The spring saw me win the Jubilee Fishery Spring League and then go on to tie in 1st place at the Jubilee Fishery 2 day festival in May only to lose out on weight count back!

I enjoyed another successful summer where I won a few more club and open matches at weekends. Throughout the summer months I fished 18 of the Jubilee Fishery Tuesday evening opens, winning 9 of these and beating my record of 8 wins from the previous year. Out of the 18 matches I fished I actually framed in 16 times.

The autumn was a mixed affair which started badly where I travelled down to Somerset for the 3 day Birbeck festival. I was the runner up previous year but this year I obviously forgot how to fish, coming 16th out of the 17 anglers that took part. The only plus point was that I still avoided picking up a dreaded wooden spoon each day.

Returning from this festival I was determined to turn things around and this proved the case at the very next Jubilee fishery Saturday Open where I won the match easily, setting a new venue record of 163lb 1oz, beating the old record that had stood for 9 years. No one had broken the tonne barrier at this venue all year and then I returned the following week breaking the 100lb+ barrier again winning the Saturday open match with 125lb. No one's ever done that!

Several wins and frames continued at this venue and there were a few comments from other anglers, which were I couldn't catch elsewhere from the Jubilee Fishery after my dreadful performance in Somerset. So I put these comments to bed later that month with an away club match at Broadacres fishery on two pools that I'd never fished before. This resulted in another win with 82lb this time.

In the autumn after building a new club website which now gets around 3000 visits a month, I relaunched my personal website philseedhouse.com after many anglers had said they had enjoyed reading my old blogs on an older website that I had deleted. I aim this new website at passing on all the knowledge I have gained from 17 years of competitive match fishing. Even though it's new it gets around 800 visits a month. It's a great way of remembering my matches and the tactic's I used which I can use to my advantage in future matches and it's another reason I do it. Much better than writing everything down in a note book.

The year ended by winning the 2nd round of the Jubilee fishery winter league but two bad draws in the other rounds have given me a small mountain to climb going into the New Year, so I now need a good start to 2017! Evesham Jubilee's big Christmas match, their Fur and Feather match was another good win and one I'd never won before so that helped pay for the Christmas dinner this year!

During the course of 2016 I fished 97 matches this year which I think is the most I have ever fished in one year. I caught 2940lb of fish, winning 23 matches and finished second on 14 occasions. I also had 7 third places and 10 section wins giving me a 58% frame ratio. So I can catch a few!!

Thank you 2016, that was a fantastic years fishing, let's see what 2017 brings!!