2017 Match stats
Listed here are ALL my match results for 2017, good or bad !! 

92 matches fished - 12 wins, 11 second places, 6 3rd places, 5 4th places and 8 section wins. Catching 2236lb of fish giving me a current frame ratio for 2017 of 50% 

Match 1 - 7/1/2017 - 2nd Overall Invitational match - Jam Factory, Willow pool, Broadheath fisheries - 63lb 1oz. This match followed up a win last time on this venue. Catching Carp and good sized Skimmers on the pole at 13 metres on the botton in 10 foot of water on corn. - 15 fished. Read my blog on this match HERE 

Match 2 - 8/1/2017 - Section WIN - Club match - River Avon, EDAA Common Road stretch peg 16 - 6lb 14oz - 12 fished. All my fish were caught on the pole in 12 foot of water in the maggot. Read my blog on this match HERE 

Match 3 - 15/1/2017 DNW - Jubilee Fishery winter league R4,  peg J24 I wasn't the only DNW there was 10 of us!!!! Winter fishing at its best. I was never in the race!!

Match 4 - 21/1/2017 13lb 12oz (all silvers) - Section WIN, Lower Broadheath fisheries, The Jam Factory, Willow pool. - 10 fished. Caught some good sized Skimmers on double red maggot on the pole in 10 foot of water, once the ice had melted. Read my blog on this match HERE

Match 5 - 22/1/2017 Club Match WIN - Birmingham/Worcester canal, at Blackpole 2lb 7oz 8drams. only 7 fished. A heavy overnight frost delayed the start of this match for ice breaking. To catch over 2lb of fish on this tough day was amazing. Read my blog on this match HERE

Match 6 - 29/1/2017 Match WIN - Jubilee Fishery winter league R5 - Jubilee pool J25 12lb 12oz 18 anglers fished. A few winter feeding fish caught on the pole on another cold day was enough for the win Read my blog on the match HERE

Match 7 - 4/2/2017 My first visit to Lower Park Fisheries at Redditch for a 40+ peg Charity match. I weighed in 4lb 10oz from Swan peg 3 but was never in the race!!! Nice fishery though and will visit it in the summer when its fishing better.

Match 8 - 5/2/2017 - Section WIN - Jubilee Fishery, 1st round of the 3 match winter warmer series, 8lb 8oz. 20 anglers fished. This match was just a lottery on whether I could catch or not. Read my blog on this match HERE  

Match 9 - 12/2/2017 - 2oz (Two Gudgeon!) club match on the Birmingham/Worcester canal at Blackpole. Probably the coldest day of the winter. Only two anlgers broke the pound barrier.  I was glad to get home!!

Match 10 - 19/2/2017- Match WIN - 27lb 6oz Jubilee Fishery 2nd round Winter Warmer series of 3 matches.  5 Carp, 3 Skimmers a Crucian and 6 Roach all caught on the pole at 13 metres. 18 fished. Read my blog on this match HERE

Match 11 - 26/2/2017 - Match WIN - 19lb 4oz Jubilee Fishery 3rd round Winter Warmer series of 3 matches. 3 Carp 3 Crucains and a dozen Roach was enough for me to win the series. 19 fished. Read my blog on this match HERE 

Match 12 - 5/3/2017 - Invitational match- Sycamore pool, Lower Broadheath Fisheries 1lb 10oz. Two small carp on the bomb and bread in the first hour and that was it!! No bites on the pole all day. 

Match 13 - 12/3/2017 - Club match on the River Avon. Common road stretch. I was really looking forward to this match as I don't fish that many river matches. I really wanted to fish the pole as I'd caught 7lb of roach here just I few weeks ago. Then I go and draw peg 6. A peg with a narrow path behind it and a brick wall. You can't really fish the pole on this peg So I sat it out on the feeder for 1lb 14oz. The Bream didn't really show and I was restricted to what I could do. A bad draw this week 

Match 14 - 18/3/2017 - 2nd placed, Initational match at The Priory, Pebworth 57lb 4oz. The first time this year I felt heavy carp rigs could be used and I could feed to bring fish in over my bait rather than looking around the swim for the odd carp. Read my blog on this match HERE 

Match 15 - 19/3/2017 - Section WIN club match on the Birmingham/Worcester canal I didn't prepare for this match and with hindsight I made some mistakes in this match. I weighed on 1lb 3oz for a section. Read my blog on this match HERE

Matches 16, 17 & 18 STAGfest 3 day festival - 24th-26th March - These matches were my stag weekend in Somerset, called STAGfest. I caught 49lb 11oz over the 3 matches. I won the 2nd days match read my blog on this match HERE which included a fine net of Silvers for 25lb. 12 anglers fished STAGfest. Read more on STAGfest HERE 

Match 19 - 1st April Jubilee Saturday open, drew a compleat no hoper and weighed in one Carp for 5lb 2oz. 

Match 20 - 2nd April - Club Champion match. I had the first pick of the peg as I had the most aggregate points of the season. A tough match where I caught only two fish but still enough to frame in 4th place!

Match 21 - 8th April - Jubilee Saturday Open. I draw W32 and caught my first and only fish at 2.50pm!! 

Match 22 - 9th April - Jubilee fishery Spring league R1, drew a no hoper W20. Caught 19lb 3oz for 4th in section. 

Match 23 - 15th April - Jubilee fishery, Easter Egg match. A good turnout of 30 anglers. I drew a reasonable peg J5 but could only catch at 16 metres to the edge of an island, mainly in the last half hour and never in the race with the two flyers in my section coming 1st and 2nd in the match. It needs a few more weeks to get the margins working!!

Match 24 - 18th April - Open Match WIN - Jubilee Fishery Tuesday Evening Open. The first Tuesday Evening open of 2017 saw me draw J33. I caught long at 14.5 metres towards an island catching 39lb 15oz of fish in 2.5 hours fishing including one Carp weighing in at 11lb 14oz. Read my blog on this match HERE

Match 25 - 23rd April - Jubilee Fishery Spring League R2. I drew Withies 9 a good peg that has won many matches in the past, however a few anglers have really struggled on this peg in recent weeks. I weighed in the fanstatic weight of 4oz. Never had a carp bite all match having tried everywhere in the peg. Even 16 metres to my left, right in the middle of the weed bed!!  

Match 26 - 25th April - 3rd Placed - Jubilee fishery Tuesday Open. I draw Jubilee peg 6, a flyer. On a nornal evening match this peg would have produced. Only trouble was the weather. Tempertures had dipped right down to 5 degrees, it was like fishing in the middle of the winter with a strong wind, rain and heavy hail storms all evening. I still managed to pick up coming 3rd with 17lb 7oz. Read my blog on this match HERE

Match 27 - 30th April - Jubilee fishery Spring league R3. I drew Withies 30 for this match but this pool really isn't fishing well at the moment. Plus a blustery day meant I couldn't fish over to the island where the lilly pads are. I had to fish at 5 sections for most of the match. I weighed in 14lb 15oz for 2nd in the section which is a good weight off this pool at the moment!! Really wanted to draw on the Jubilee pool this week as its fishing much better than the Withies. 

Match 28 - 2nd May - Jubilee fishery Tuesday Evening open. I drew J33 a peg I'd won off two weeks ago. Weighed in 6lb which was last in the match. No excuses just poor fishing!! I can't seem to catch at the moment. My framing ratio is now at 50% the worst it's been since I began keeping records. 

Match 29 - 5th May - Angling Times Supercup Round 1 match fishing a part of a 6 man Evesham Jubilee team against Shipston on Stour A.C's Baa Baas team. This match is 6 two man sections to decide the result. I won my secion with 16lb 0oz and the team fished an excellent match beating the Baa Baas 6-0 !! A Home draw helped!!

Match 30 - 6th May - Final round of the Jubilee Fishery Spring league. I won this title last year but this year I just couldn't draw well. This match saw  me back on no hope Withies 21 after drawing Withies 20, Withies 9 and Withies 30, all no hopers apart from Withies 30 during this league. Withies 30 was a good draw but that match was hindered my strong winds that day which made fishing difficult. So with 4 bad draws I was never in the race this year. 

Match 31 - 9th May - 2 placed, Jubilee fishery Tuesday evening open, I finally drew better and drew W25. Being a good peg on a pool with inproved weights over the last weekend and fishing large baits for large fish. It sort of worked, end up with 28lb 9oz for 2nd in the match. Read my blog on this match by clilcking HERE

Match 32 - 13th May - 4th placed at Evesham with 23lb 6oz. Jubilee A.S. Centenary Trophy match celebrating the clubs 120th year. A good turnout of 32 members fished this match. Read my blog on this match HERE

Match 33 - 14th May . Manor Farm Leisure Sunday Open., Island pool and Ash pools. I drew island 34, It fished tough and weights were lower than normal, I weighed in 29lb 15oz for 3rd in section. I still enjoyed the day catching a few on the method and on the pole. It made a nice change from fishing the Jubilee fishery. 

Match 34 - 16th May - 4 placed, Jubilee Tuesday Evening Open. A frustrating evening foul hooking Carp and pulling out of a few at the net. I weighted in 22nd for 4th in the match. Read blog on this match HERE

Match 35 - 21st  May - Jubilee club match on the Withies. I drew Withies 24 this week and landed 2 carp for 7lb 11oz. the bad run continues!!

Match 36 -23rd May - Jubilee Tuesday evening open, I drew Withies 18 this week, weighed in 8lb 

Match 37 - 4th June - Jubilee club match - Sliver fish only match at the Jubilee fishery. A draw on Phil's pool was required as it full of silvers and the top 3 placed anglers came from this pool.  I draw badly again this time on the Jubilee pool.  I weighed in 1lb 7oz and also caught 10 carp that didn't count!!  

Match 38 - 6th June - 2nd placed, Tuesday evening open, Jubilee fishery Withies pool peg 7. A blustery wind made fishing difficult and a change to colder weather put the fish off feeding. I caught 4 fish, one Roach, 2 carp and a Crucian Carp. Not alot but but enough for 2nd place in the match. Read my blog on this match HERE

Match 39 - 13th June. Saw me back on the Jubilee pool, on re-pegged J5 (old 36) A peg that never goes in!! Everybody else was on a peg that is always fished. Well thats my excuse for another poor performance weighing in just 10lb 15oz. The bad run continues. The meat just isn't working this year and because I've historically done very well on it in previous years I really need to fish the bait thats currently working and leave the meat in the tin!!

Match 40 - 16th June - Garbolino Clubman of the year qualifier. Tunnel Barn Farm. I drew on Top pool 29 for this match and had a pleasant days fishing for F1's. This is something I don't do very often, I weighted in 36lb 4oz. which wasn't a big weight but on the day this was still 4th or 5th on the pool. 

Match 41 - 18th June. 2nd placed, Club match on the River Avon at the EDAA Common road stretch. I drew peg 15 which is a good peg and weighed in 7lb 0oz. Read my blog on this match HERE

Match 42 - 21st June - Jubile Fishery Tuesday Evening open, Withies pool peg 9. Another terrible match on this pool. I weighed in 1lb 8oz. I don't know what has happened to this pool this year, since I broke the fishery record on this pool with 163lb in October last year it has fished terrible.  I have taken a look at my match stats for this year and the last 3 years on this pool. for the same January-end of June period and taken the mean average match weight. 

Jan - end of June period

2017 - 11 matches 118lb (mean average per match 10lb)

2016 - 15 matches 385lb (mean average per match 25lb)

2015 - 15 matches 350lb (mean averageper match 23lb)

2014 - 9 matches 295lb (mean average per match 33lb)

This is seriously bringing my framing ratio right down. I won't be fishing this pool now until match weights improve. 

Match 43 - Match WIN 81lb 1oz and a cup win, Evesham Jubilee's QE11 cup. A cup I won last year. I great days fishing with the meat finally working in the margins on this pool this year. Read my Blog on this match HERE

Match 44 - Tunnel Barm Farm Sunday Open, New pool peg 7, I weighed in 70lb 4oz. No where in the match but I enjoyed the day. I  decided to visit Tunnel Barn this weekend because over the last year and have been talking alot to top two blokes from London on facebook and Twitter and they were travelling up from London to fish the Sunday open. I decided I would also go, to finally meet up face to face with Warren and John, two great lads who l clearly have a have a great passion for fishing. 

Match 45 - Manor Farm Leisure Saturday Open.  I fished the Open on Middle pool, drawing peg 22 and struggled weighing in 30lb 8oz for 3rd in the section. The pool didn't really fish this week with only 87lb winning the match after 200lb weights in the week. My section was won with 53lb. I caught only 3 carp and no F1's the bulk of my weight were Skimmers. I came to Manor to practise my F1 fishing  Doh !! So plenty of bites all day from the Skimmers but the Carp weren't in the mood today and my end of the pool fished poor. 

Match 46 - Match WIN 53lb 5oz  - Jubilee Fishery, Jubilee pool weighed in 53lb 5oz winning the Simon De Montfort Cup. I caught long at 14.5 metres on the banded hard pellet and then a few edge dwellers in the margin in the last 2 hours. Read my blog on this match HERE

Match 47 - 2nd Placed with 4lb 14oz, Jubilee fishery Tuesday evening open fishing for Silvers on Phil's pool. An enjoyable evening fishing on Phil's pool. I probably did the best I could from a peg only 15 inches deep. Read my blog on this match HERE

Match 48 - 3rd placed with 52lb 8oz - Angling Times Supercup 2nd Round team match. I won my section for the team and finished up 3rd in the match. Read my blog on this match HERE

Match 49 - Jubilee Fishery Tuesday Evening open, I drew peg 12 one of the best pegs at the fishery will an excellent margin. Never had a bite in the margin all night. Caught long up against the island on the banded pellet for 17lb 14oz. A frustrating evening foul hooking carp all night in the shallow water tight to the island. Ended up in 4th place just outside the money Arh !! 

Match 50 - Midland Air Ambulance charity match at the Jubilee fishery, I drew on Jubilee 10 and ran to it. Spend 2 hours long at 16 metres to a island with a banded pellet, 1 hour on corn at 10 metres and 2 hours down the left margin for 2 two carp, 2 roach and a Skimmer from around 5lb didn't bother weighing in. 

Match 51 - My first trip to Hillview fishing the Sunday Open. I drew Moorhen 10 which I later found out wasn't a good draw!! I went to the match with the intention of improving my F1 skills. I caught plenty of fish all day on the banded hard pellet on the deck and also on banded caster up in the water which was what I intended to do, so I had an enjoyable days fishing catching a few small F1's Barbel, Roach and Skimmers. However my tactic's where completely wrong for this match all the best weights where prober large carp caught on Corn, Meat and worms !! If I'd just fished my normal way I probably would have caught a bigger weight. So lessons learnt for the next time on this pool. I threw back my 35-40lb and had to give my travelling partner Andy a quid.  

Match 52 - Jubilee Fishery Tuesday Evening Open on the Withies pool and yet again I struggled, drawing Peg 9. I decided to fish this match a little different trying to catch shallow on banded pellets and casters, banded pellet shallow to the island and down the track on the deck, corn to the right margin and meat to the left hand margin. None of this lines really produced, weighing in 10lb 9oz. This pool really isn't fishing anywhere near as good as it was last year. I was catching 30lb+ every week then and regularly framing. I've fished 12 matches on this pool this year for 128lb of fish giving an average of 10lb a match. 

Match 53 - Jubilee club match - Jubilee pool. This was a 6 hour afternoon match so I really wanted a good draw. This didn't really happen as I drew Jubilee 1. A peg that only goes in if the number of anglers is high, Its open water with no chuck to an island. I weighted in 39lb 9oz which was 3rd in the section. Probably the best I could have done from this peg. Needed to draw at the other end of the pool as the top 3 framing weights came from this area this week. 

Match 54 -  Match WIN  - 54lb 12oz Jubilee fishery Tuesday evening open on the Jubilee pool. Decided to fish this match postively this week feeding heavy with meat and corn in the margins.  Caught the bulk of my winning weight on the corn this week. Read my blog on this match HERE

Match 55 - Team match WIN and 2nd placed indivdually for me with 41lb 8oz. Evesham Jubilee v Bidford AC 10 a-side match. Read my blog on this match HERE 

Match 56 - Jubilee pairs match. I drew on the Withies pool this time on peg 22. A good peg but at this time of the year the lilly pads are so well developed and fishing the far bank would be suicidal. So it was all about fishing the margins. I weighed in 18lb 15oz which wasn't enough to frame but this pool seems to be finally on the up now with 50lb+ winning and also a 40lb and 37lb. I caught 6 carp and lost 2 at the net. Plus I had bites from small roach all day.  So now after a very long spell I feel I can now catch some fish on this pool. 

Match 57 - 2nd placed with 32lb 3oz - Jubilee Fishery Tueday evening open on the Withies pool. At last after months fishing on this pool I caught more then 30lb of fish!!! Read my blog on this match HERE

Match 58 - 3rd placed with 47lb 13oz, Jubilee Fishery saturday open, I drew Jubilee 12 and had an enjoyable days fishing the banded pellet up against the island, read my Blog on this match HERE

Match 59 - Jubilee club match at Broadacres fishery. I drew on Charlie's 28 weighing in 28lb 13oz. I should have won my section from this peg. I lost a lot of fish pulling out of them in the margin. I fished with to heavier elastic this time.  Lesson learnt for next time!! 

Match 60 - 3rd placed with 41lb 12oz - Jubilee Fishery Tuesday evening open.  I drew the same peg as the previos saturday and used the same tactics. read my Blog on this match HERE

Match 61 - Jubilee Cup match on the Jubilee pool. Never at the races this week weighing in 12lb 0oz from Jubilee 6.  The anglers caught to my right, fishing the pole tight to the island. From my peg I couldn't reach the island with my 16 metre pole. Thats where the fish wanted to be this week. So a bad draw this week.  I was left with rhe margins but they never really produced. 

Match 62 - 4th placed, Tunnel Barn Farm Monday affordable open, 58lb 8oz. Bottom pool, peg 10. An enjoyable days fishing, catching small carp and F1's up against an island on the bottom and then up in the water. Read my blog on this match HERE

Match 63 - 3rd placed with 22lb on the last Jubilee fishery Tuesday evening open of the year. I got myself out of jail with 3 late edge dwellers late into the match, just by changing my feeding and hook bait. Read my blog on this match HERE

Match 64 - Jubilee Fishery Wednesday affordable open on the Withies pool. I don't get the chance to fish these midweek matches as I'm at work but being on holiday this week I was able to fish the match. The Withies finally woke up on this match with 92lb winning the match and several good back up weights. I weighed in 25lb of W17 not the best peg I could of drawn. All the framing weighs came off noted pegs so a bad draw this time. 

Match 65 - 4 placed with 42lb Manor Farm Leisure affordable Thurday open, peg 6 Boundary pool. I'd come to have a day on te rod's fishing the method and Bomb rods as this pool responds well to these tactic's but my framing weight come from the hard pellet fished on the bottom on the pole. Reas my blog on this match HERE 

Match 66 - Angling Times Supercup Reginal Semi-final at Tunnel Barn Farm. I fished with my club team Evesham Jubilee at TBF drawing on New 13. Never really got going caught 23lb 5oz for knowhere in the match. On the team front we also bombed out with everybody struggling on the day. The best part of the day was that it was all paid for from our winnings from the previous two rounds. Plus the breakie was paid from the team winnings. So not a bad day!!

Match 67 - Jubilee Fishery affordable open on the Jubilee pool peg 7, not a good summer peg and It doesn't frame often. Didn't bother weighing in my 3 carp and a skimmer for about 7lb.

Match 68 - Manor farm Leisure affordable open. I drew island 6 a peg that had won the previous day with 150lb. So my 29lb enabled me to screw up a flyer.  Maybe the fish weren't hungry after the day before!! 

Match 69 - Grant Davis Memorial Cup match held at the Jubilee Fishery. I picked Jubilee 17 for the day. Most anglers struggled on the day and the winning weight was low.  The carp weren't feeding on my peg but I still had an enjoyable days fishing placing 13lb 2oz of skimmers and one small carp of 1lb 9oz on scales. 

Match 70 - Saw me back on the Withies pool. A pool that has distroyed my confidence this year, even though I set the venue record from it with 163lb this time last year. I drew a good peg but a windy bustery day made fishing at 16 metres to the far bank impossible. This seems the only way of catching fish on this pool this year.  So I had to fish up against the lilly pads. I caught 2 carp and lost 3 others in the lilly pads and never had a bite under a tree on the right margin. This tree used to be the banker line on this pool but sadly no more on this pool.  The only way of getting bites was to fish to the lilly pads but this doesn't make fishing enjoyable. I have really fallen out of love with this pool. I weighed in 9lb for 2nd to last in the match.  I only get to fish once a week and want to enjoy myself when I fish so NEVER again on the withies!! I said this the last time but I mean it this time. I'd rather go a fish a venue that gives me some bites.  

Match 71 - Tirley Court. weighed in 77lb for no where in the match!!  Nice to catch a few though!! A biteless 1st hour and a half left me always playing catch up. Didn't draw well being on the grass lawn which isn't the best pace to be. This was confirmed with all the big weights coming from noted pegs. Still enjoyed the day though.

Match 72 - Emerald Pools, down in Somerset as part of a 3 day 3 venue festival. The first match was at Emerald pools. The pool didn't fish well at all with most anglers struggling for bites. I never caught a carp and weighed in a 8lb net of Silver for last in my 4 man section. This killed any hope of winning the festival.

Match 73 - Trinity Pool, Bridgewater. Again as part of the 3 day festival. I always seem to struggle on this pool. However so did everybody else in my section and I ended up 2nd in my section with only 11lb.

Match 74 - Lands End Fishery, Bridgwater - 2nd placed.  The final day of the 3 day festival and this time I caught some fish weighing in 90lb for a section WIN and 2nd in the match. This bumped me up the leader board and gave me a top 10 finish with a nice small brown envelope for the drive home. Read my blog on this festival HERE

Match 75 - Match WIN - Jubilee Fishery Saturday Open 46lb 7oz. My first visit to a Jubilee saturday Open for a while. I draw J7 on the Jubilee peg which isn't the best peg but caught a few fish from all over the peg. Read my blog on this match HERE

Match 76 - Withies pool - Jubilee Fishery, weighed in 23lb 6oz for 2nd in the section. probably the best I could of done if you don't draw one of 5 pegs on this pool.  You have know chance of a win. if your draw elsewhere. This pool has become very peggy!! 

Match 77 - Jubilee pool - Jubilee fishery. With anglers placed on 24 of the 27 pegs on the Jubilee pool this was always going to be a hard match.  I weighed in 12lb which was a couple of carp and a stockie. It was a very frustrating match, bites were at a premium and I lost four good carp at the landing net with the hook pulling out. The match was only won with 36lb and 21lb being the last framing place. Those four lost fish cost me big time. Hard I landed these fish I would have had around 30lb which would have framed. 

Match 78 - River Avon at Twyning - DNW in fact I never had a bite within the whole of the 5 hours of the match. The section I was in fished very poor with very little been caught and there were several DNW's. It was a blusterly day on a open bank with the wind coming sideways at ninety degree's which pretty ruled out the pole. I fished the Groundbait feeder alternating between worms, maggots and casters which produced no bites. I also set up a small link lead and again no bites!! The other section which was around a bend and sheltered from the wind. This meant anglers could fish a pole and this is where the top 3 framing placed were. Just a case of a bad draw this week.

Match 79 - 2nd placed, Jubilee fishery Saturday open on the Withies pool with 49lb 8oz. At last I caught a decent net of carp from the Withies pool. With meat finally working after a very long time. Read my blog on this match HERE

Match 80 - Section WIN - Jubilee Fishery, Jubilee pool peg 1  - 36lb 10oz I got out of jail during this match. Going into the last hour I had less than a pound in weight in my keepnet and  I was well behide. Luckily a gamble leading and a good last hour saw me place another 36lb in the keepnet to claim a section win from the margins.  Read my blog on this match HERE

Match 81 - 2nd in section Jubilee fishery winter league R1. I drew on J16 finishing just 6oz short of an all important section win with 32lb 9oz. I'd have took a 2nd in section for 9 point before the match so not to bad I guess!! Read my blog on this match HERE

Match 82 - Section WIN - Manor Farm Leisure Sunday Open. A very enjoyable match catching small F1's all day on the expander pellet. Something I don't fish for very often. I weighed in 41lb 0oz for the section and 4th in the match. Read my blog on this match HERE

Match 83 - Match WIN - Jubilee Fishery Saturday Open, held on the Jubilee pool. I change to the 6mm expander pellet gave me bites all day for another match win weighing in 39lb 1oz. Read my blogon this match HERE

Match 84 - Jubilee Fishery winter league R2. I knew before the draw I would be fishing the Withies pool this week. As it's a very peggy pool at the moment I knew a good draw would be needed. I drew W18 which in the past has been a good peg but lately. It was a hard match and I weighed in 16lb for 4th in my section. As predicted the top 3 places came of the noted pegs again. This pool is all about drawing one of this noted pegs. 

Match 85 - 2nd placed Jubilee Fishery Wednesday affordable open, Jubilee pool peg 4. A horrible day with winds forecast at 40mph all day meant fishing one line short all day. I had bites all day to weigh in 37lb 0oz, Nice fishing on a differcult day. Read my Blog on this match HERE

Match 86 - Section WIN - Club match - Hillview Fisheries with 41lb 0oz. An enjoyable winter days fishing catching small carp on the expander pellet early and then a switch to maggots on top2+2. Read my blog on this match HERE

Match 87 - Jubilee Wednesday Affordable open. After 2 years I finally draw the flyer J19. Only to draw it on a bitterly cold winters day after a heavy frost. Managed to catch 3 carp for 16lb 12oz. 

Match 88 - 3rd placed Evesham Jubilee club match. Jubilee pool peg 2,  4 carp for 27lb 12oz. Read my blog on this match HERE

Match 89 - Match WIN 64lb 8oz - Manor Farm Leisure affordable Open. Windmill pool peg 34. Bites all day on the expanders in the 2nd week in December! A very enjoyable winter days fishing. Read my Blog on this match HERE

Match 90 - Manor Farm Leisure -Sunday Open. This match should have been my club Evesham Jubilee's Fur and feather match but on arrival at the Jubilee Fishery it was frozen solid and called off. So with Manor Farm Leisure having a later draw time of 9.30am a few of us traveled down to Manor. It was still a hard winters match there, having to still break the ice. All I could catch was small Roach for 2lb 8oz. 

Match 91 - Manor Farm Leisure Sunday open. 40lb 8oz for 2nd on my lake. I drew on Island peg 6. So I drew on the wrong pool this week. Island hasn't been used for several weeks as its been fishing poorly compared to the other pools. The best I could really hope for was a lake section win. 51lb won my lake/section but I was happy to catch 40lb for 2nd on the lake on Christmas Eve!! All the top weights came off the other pools as I expected. 

Match 92 - Manor Farm Leisure Sunday open. 14lb 6oz I drew Ash 12. A bad draw but still had a few bites