4 metre landing net handles are a must have !!

For years I went fishing and using a 3 metre landing net handle thinking a landing net handle is just a landing net handle and as long as it was strong enough and could handle carp that was all you needed. 

This was a mistake. Like all of us I'd watched plenty of you tube video's and all the the top anglers seemed to be using 4 metre landing nets. After buying one myself and using it I very soon realised why the 4 metre versions are better and put more fish in your net. 

After the first bagging session using a 4 metre handle I found playing and landing carp was alot easier. When playing a Carp you can have plenty of handle shipped out to land the Carp but what I found was that I still had plenty of handle behind me and once the hooked Carp had broken the water surface it was easy to quickly push out the rest of the handle underneath the fish and scoop it up. This is not possible when using a shorter handle because you generaly have it shipped out at its full lenght. 

Those saved seconds playing each Carp during a match if you've been bagging could add up to a couple of extra minutes fishing time in a match.

How many times have you just needed one extra fish to frame in a match It's little things like this that separate the better match anglers from the also rans. 

Another benefit with the extra lenght is sometimes when you play Carp and your peg has alot of weed growth in the margins sometimes carp can dart into these areas which can lead to lost fish. With the extra lenght on your landing net you are able to play and land fish further out in the swim. This can also help you when fishing in the margins. Steering hooked Carp away from the margin and landing them further out doesn't spook the other feeding Carp in the margins. I am sure this has also enabled me to weigh in better!! 

I don't use particularly expensive handing net handle. The put-over types are the better ones. My current one cost around £80.00 Some of these handles on the market are really there to catch the angler rather than the fish. But you do need to good landing net handle. one that is strong but also rigid when pushing it through the water. The more expensive handles are light but I don't really think thats important when have been holding 16 metres of carbon all day!! 

Take a look at these five metre landing net poles below