Dacron Connectors

When Dacron Connectors came on the market several years ago I thought, this looks far to difficult and I continued to use other ways of attaching my pole rigs to my elastic's 

These days I have seen the error of my ways and all of my top kits now have dacron's fitted to them.

Dacron connectors provide a neat link between your elastic and your rig. The Dacron holds your rig away from your pole tip whist the purpose designed bead makes sure the Dacron points forwards to keep tangles to an absolute minimum. They are so light and don't rattle like plastic connectors and give you a better connection to the fish on the strike. 

Fitting a Dacron to your elastic is really very easy to do and attaching and unattaching your rig to the Dacron is also very simple. You can make your own Dacron's but for the sake of a couple of quid buying them is a lot easier. Preston Innovations Des Shipp explains all you need to know on the two videos below