Fishing Tips
Read some of my own articles on the methods I use during my matches 

We all read the latest magazine articles and use the latest methods in our match fishing. So why is it some anglers constantly win more matches than others? 

I believe it's not the tactic's and the methods used which are generally all the same. It's what decisions and changes they make during their matches that enables them to catch more fish. 

The best advice ever given to me was "if your thinking it, do it" 

There are plenty match fishing methods and tactic's pubished on the internet these days which have a wealth of information useful to all levels of match anglers, Some I feel are useful and some I don't. Some ideas and methods seem to be just pubished by tackle manufacturers just to help sell their tackle however it should also be noted that many of these tackle companies have produced some excellent fishing video's which are freely available to view on The source of this information shouldn't be ignored and some of these articles are well worth a read or view. When I read something that I think is really good I'll post the link to it here for all to view. I also like to share some of my personal opinions on some methods and tactic's which some people may also beneift from.