Garbolino Poles

There are many poles on the market, They are all marketed by the manufacturer as being strong and rigid and for most match anglers it is a matter of personal choice within their budget.

Most of my fishing is on Commercials and stillwaters fishing for Carp. Some of these venues now hold Carp well into double figures these days, so a strong pole is required.

For me there is only one Brand of choice and that is Garbolino and this is why -

Since the 'Groundbreaking Power Maxim' back in the 90's I have always trusted and used Garbolino poles. I have fished every weekend for years using Garbolino poles and I can safely say I have never broken a pole section while playing a big Carp and I have landed them up to 22lb in weight. Only on one occasion did a break a section and that was only when I stood on my pole! This may be luck but after all these years using Garbolino poles I think not.

Like me you have probably heard stories from other anglers, saying "this poles faulty I've only had it weeks and this sections snapped and I was only shipping out". etc etc. How often do you hear this with a Garbolino poles. Not very often I think.

If you fish Carp dominated pools you don't necessarily need a top of the range pole these lighter versions are more suitable for Silvers on rivers where lightness the rigidity are important for hitting bits. Often some anglers buy these as they also double up for fishing for carp and some of these pole packages cater for all options. However again how many times have you heard an angler having to replace a pole section for around £200-£300 on one of these top end poles

There is always the tackle tart type angler who buy these top end poles which is fine if you want the best available and money is no object for buying replacement pole sections. This is fine but on Carp venues I find a good mid range pole around £1000 suits me fine. 

If your getting into match fishing many of the options available these days have plenty of top kits allowing you to set up different pole rigs. These top kits now come with side pullers allowing you to fish with lighter elastics and the days of playing fish with 5 or 6 sections of pole in the air are long gone. I would suggest buying a pole package with these extra options rather than spending all your money on a more expensive pole. 

Having said all of this there are plenty of good poles from a lot of manufacturers that are very good these days and if you are looking at buying a new pole try to go to a shop that has a pole alley where you can hold the poles at there full lenght. When you get to 16 metres holding any pole is difficult and a fully elasticated top kit will feel heavier than an empty top kit in the shop and this shoud be noted. 

For me I'm a Garbolino man, having used, a Power Plus, a Neutron,  a Premier Legion and a GMax over the last 20 years. Never breaking a section on a fish. So they last a long time as well.