Guru Ready Rigs
Why tie your own?? 

For years now I have spent hours at home tying my own hook lengths. Now that Guru have released these pre tied Ready Rig hook range, I feel I can't tie them better.

When you work full time and have limited time to tie your own hooks these hook lengths help preparing for a match. I can't fault them. For years the pre-tied hook lengths available in tackle shops were really not up to scratch and you had to tie your own hook lengths but now thanks to Guru I have recently stopped tying my own hook lengths. 

There are 5 hook models in the 10cm (6inch) range which cover all my Commercial pole fishing requirements.

All these patterns feature perfectly tied hooks, as neat as anyone can tie them up themselves, and with a figure-of-eight loop knot at the other end for easy attachment to your line. 

SLWG Banded Ready Rig

Guru's Premium Super LWG Eyed Barbless hooks, ready tied to a six-inch hooklength on reliable N-Gauge line. The banded hair rig tied with a knotless knot, featuring a neat Guru Micro Band, which can be used for various baits. They can however, also be used for other baits. The band can be pulled into a piece of meat or corn, and you can place a maggot in a band too - great for F1s

LWGS Ready Rig

These pole rigs have been designed as true all-rounders, tied with the popular LWGS hook pattern. They can be used for fishing with natural baits, such as maggots, casters and worm, as well as pellets. There are eight rigs per pack and they come supplied on handy cards for easy of use

FI Pellet Ready Rig

These pole rigs have been designed for use on smaller commercials where fish like F1s dominate. They are tied with the F1 Pellet hook, which the Guru team designed specifically for these hard-fighting weight builders. The white gape and round bend allow the use of softened hook baits and practically guarantee good hook holds.

XS Carp Spade Ready Rig

For real extreme pole fishing where larger carp are present and heavy elastics are being used, then look no further than the XS Carp pole rigs, which are tied using the spade-end X-Strong Carp barbless hooks.

The Kaizen Ready Rig

These are designed to be super strong while having a relatively thin diameter wire. The PTFE coating helps the hooks remain super sharp and durable, and gives it a discrete finish. An extra-wide gape ensures a firm hook hold and allows you to cleanly present a variety of baits on the hook while leaving plenty of point showing for clean and effective hooking capability on the strike. An incredibly strong all-round hook, ideal for commercial work with a wide range of baits. The shape and strength means these hooks are especially suited to using baits like corn and meat when fishing the short pole for carp and F1s.