Match WIN - Jubilee Fishery 2nd Rd Winter Warmer series


With several days of mild weather, at last! I was looking forward to this match. Water levels where up and also nicely coloured on a mild overcast day. I felt the fish would be having a proper feed at last!

I set up two pole rigs, a winter carp rig straight out in front of me at 13 metres and also a Carp margin rig for later in the match. This was the first time i'd plumbed up a margin rig for months but I thought with the mild weather and colour in the water plus having a good margin on my right into a corner, it was worth a look later in the match. I also set up a winter bomb and bread rig and also a Dura method feeder if the fish were really having it. 

I started the match in the Bomb and bread chucking to the back of the island to my left and spent 40 minutes on this with no bites, while loose feeding the 13 metre pole line with maggots. So I tried the pole line next. This was better, I caught 3 good sized Skimmers and pulled out of 2 others in the next hour. But there was no sign of a carp. I decided to return to the back of the island but this time on the Dura method for 20 minutes but I had no bites. 

I decided to return to the 13 metre pole line and decided to treat the rest of the match as a hard winters one. The Carp didn't seem to be feeding and very little was being caught by the other anglers. So I continued loose feeding red maggots over the pole line. After 30 minutes I foul hooked a carp which staightened out my size 18 B911 F1 hook. 

I felt the odd carp may still be around so a cupped in some mico pellets and a few gains corn into the 13 metre line and gave the margin swim its first feed. 1/2 a cup of corn and 4 mm pellets and stayed on the 13 metre line but with corn on the hook this time. I had one bite in the next 30 minutes. Nothing had really changed. I tried 10 minutes on the margin swim while I had a cup of coffee but no bites came. So its was back to the 13 metre line again. I felt the odd carp would feed at some point and began feeding maggots a little heavier. This resulted in a small crucian in the net on double red maggot. I then caught my first proper carp. 

I'd not caught a Skimmer for a couple of hours and there seemed to be a odd carp around now and it was just a waiting game for them. I caught two more carp in the next hour and I noted I'd caught more fish than everybody else in the section and I hadn't heard of much else being caught further up the pool. So I had a key decision to make. Do I continue on this 13 metre line or do I try the margin swim going into the last hour? 

I decided not to come off feeding fish and never tried the margin swim that I'd fed. I may have bagged up we will never know. I stayed on the 13 metre swim for the rest of the match and caught two more carp and several small Roach by staying on the red maggot 

This was enough for another win with only 27lb 6oz. I weighed in 5 carp 3 Skimmers a Crucain and several small Roach. So I nice enjoyable match but still fishing in winter mode!! 

Winter Carp rig - 0.3g Nick Gilbert NG XT finesse HD carbon pole float in 3.5 feet of water set up on 0.14mm Silstar matchteam mainline with strung out no.10 stotz's above a 6 inch 0.12mm hook lenght on a size 18 B911 F1 hook. set up a a 10-12 hollo elastic on a side puller bung. 

18 anglers fished.