Section WIN, Hillview Fur and Feather Open, 70lb 0oz 


This match had a great turn-out with 49 anglers fishing over both of the two main pools, Moorhen and Heron plus all four of the canals. 

Section WIN Hillview Fur & Feahter match, Canal 3 peg 70, 70lb 0oz
Section WIN Hillview Fur & Feahter match, Canal 3 peg 70, 70lb 0oz

So the pegging would be tight and at this time of the year you really need to draw a canal rather than one of the main pools. My hand went into the draw bag and out came peg 70. Excellent I thought, this was an end peg on the 3rd canal and on the right end of the pool.

The plan was to start over on the far bank with pellet. Maggots for down the track and pellet/corn into the corner. I started on the far bank line with a 4mm Preston Pro expander over a few cad potted fishery micro pellets. I caught four small carp here before I got pestered with small gudgeon. I think I made a mistake here feeding the micro's I think the carp were already there and feeding the mirco's had just attracted the small fish in. Anyway I soon gave this line up and tried the maggot line at 2+3. This was also slow. I caught a few more small carp but I was still getting the gudgeon with the odd better carp.

So after an hour I needed to look into the corner. It was fairly deep close to the last pallet on the pool by some reeds. The bottom had a nice flat area and I cad potted in some micro pellet and fished a grain of corn over the top. It was a little slow but the odd fish I was catching were a better stamp of fish than off the other lines so I continued on this margin line feeding a cad pot of micro pellet and a few grains of corn after every fish and waited. I had to rest the margin line every now and again. Fishing the maggot line and picking off the odd fish here before returning to the margin line. I wasn't bagging but at least was building a weight. This continued for the rest of the match and come the weigh in I placed 70lb on the scales. This was good enough to take the section win and finished 5th or 6th in the match.

The Hillview Fur and feather is a really good match to fish. All anglers finishing went home with a Christmas box. They also do a raffle on the peg numbers used in the match with some great tackle prizes up for grabs. The star prize was a new Preston seatbox. Amazingly the guy who won the match also saw his peg drawn out of the bag. So not only did he go home with a great Christmas box of food and drink but also the seat-box !! Some days it's just your day I guess!!

Margin Rig - 3 foot deep, 0.4g Nick Gilbert 2mm tipped Edger pole float set up on 0.19mm Guru N-Gauge mainline with a small bulk of no.8 stotz's above a size 16 0.13mm Preston GPM-B Ready Rig. Set up on 13H hollo elastic through a puller kit.