Section WIN, Jubilee Fishery Saturday Open


I returned to the Jubilee Fishery Saturday Open for a bit of practise for the Grant Davis Memorial match in a few weeks time. 

The Jubilee Fishery is where I'd spent most of my fishing over the last 20 years. However I've not joined the club this year due to the poor fishing over the last couple of years, but in recent weeks some good weights have been had. A used this Saturday Open (open to non members) as practise for the up and coming Grant Davis Memorial match at the end of August. 

I drew peg 12, not really a good peg and I set my stall out to fish hard pellets at 13 metres to the point of the island. Sadly the margins were a little over grown and it was difficult to fish then. This was a pity as there are some big Carp in this pool and these can really bump up your weight. 

I pretty confident of catching carp just of the island but I knew from the start I'd need a lot of the small pellet carp these island pegs attract. So I fished a 6mm hard pellet and pinged in 6mm pellets over the top from the start of the match. It was just a case of waiting for the fish to feed. 

Two hours in and I was fish less! and then I began to get a few. I ended up catching 15 small pellet carp as I predicted which was enough to pick up the section, weighing in 40lb 5oz. 

The lack of a good margin really spoilt my chances as these big edge fish can really boast your weight in the last couple of hours.  But I still enjoyed my return to the Jubilee Fishery. 

Pellet Rig - 0.3g Nick Gilbert NG XT inline Gandhi pole float set up on 0.17mm Guru N-Gauge mainline with a small bulk of no.8 stotz's above a 6 inch size 14 Guru SLWG banded Ready rig. Set up on purple hydro. 

(The inline Gandhi float is idea for fishing in shallow water up against islands)