Section WIN - Lower Broadheath Fisheries, The Jam Factory, Willow pool. 13lb 12oz of silvers


Ths was by 3rd visit to this fishery in recent weeks, having had a win and a 2nd place on both the other occasions, catching 50lb+ each time. So I was looking forward to the match.

I drew the same peg as last time but this time the weather conditions were completely different with a -5 degree frost over night and daytime tempatures forecast for 3 degress this was going to be another hard winters match. 

After breaking the ice with my ice breaker I set up two pole rigs and a bomb rod if the ice melted and allowed me to throw it later in the match. 

I started fishing at 13 metres on a heavy carp rig as there are some big carp in this pool, fishing the double red maggott and loose feeding a few maggots via the cataplut.

After an hour having no bites it was clear the carp were not feeding so I changed over to my light silvers rig and changed to a single red maggot this time. After 20 minutes I was beginning to get the odd bite so continued with this tactic and I soon caught a good skimmer and a roach and then it went quite. I tried swiching to corn back on the carp rig for a while but nothing happened and I felt a change was needed. I decided to go back to the lighter rig but this time cupped in a few mirco pellets on the 13 metre line and tried a 4mm expander pellet on the hook, but again no bites came. 

I decided the maggot was the best chance of getting a bite and began feeding a little heavier while a throwing out the bomb rod for 20 minutes. No bites came on the bomb so it was clear the carp were not interested. 

I went back over the 13 metre line on the lighter silvers rig and had a good 30 minutes catching some good Skimmers and then the swim died. 

I felt resting the swim whilst on the bomb had been a factor and started a couple more lines to rest the first pole line. But that didn't work when I went back the the first line but no bites came. Nothing was feeding and I just think the fish fed for that short while and that was it. This can happen in the winter. 

One angler in the corner was winning the match with some carp but everybody else was struggling. I guessed I had about 10lb of silvers by now and I decided to stay on the light silvers rig for the rest of the match to try for a section win by catching some more silvers. I never had another bite though, but the hard work was over and at the weigh in my silvers weighed 13lb 12oz and I won the section by a few oz's.

Silver rig - 1.0g Nick Gilbert NG XT Gimp pole float in 10 foot of water set up on 0.14 Silstar match team mainline with an olivette two foot from the hook with a 3 dropper shot above a 6 inch 0.12mm hook lenght with a size 18 B611 hook set up on white hydro. 

This match also reforces my views on line diameters learnt from 30 years of angling. When fishing for Carp on the bottom of a lake in winter you do not need to fish lighter pole rigs. On this match I had no carp bites on 0.18mm - 0.16mm and when I changed to the silvers rig I still had no carp bites. The carp were not in my peg. Read my views on this HERE However you do need to use ligher rigs of Silvers and F1's especially when fishing on the drop.