Match Baits that work!
These are the baits that I have faith in

There are really two types of bait - feedbaits and hookbaits 

There are shed loads of match baits on the market I can't vouch for all of them but these are the hookbaits I've actually caught plenty fish with. 

Sonubait - Pro Expanders

Throw away your bait pump! The Sonubaits Pro Expander pellets don't need any bait pumps to create the perfect expander pellet. Simply place your required number of pellets into a bait tub, cover with water, and leave overnight! When you get to your peg, you'll have perfect expander pellets. It couldn't be easier. These pellets were designed by England International and world-class angler, Des Shipp. Des wanted an expander pellet that would stay on the hook well, and that every pellet you soak, created a useable hookbait, which wasn't the case with most expander pellets on the market. After lots of testing, differing processes of pre-pumping, and fishing tests, they finally managed to create an expander pellet that Des was happy using for all of his soft pellet fishing.

"I really don't use any other expander pellet now I simply couldn't rate anything better"

Dynamite Baits - Swim Stem Durable Hook Pellets 

A super attractive, high leakage, hook pellets which are soft enough to slide easily on to the hook but tough enough to stay on it even when casting at distance. Can be used on the waggler, pole or feeder and bomb these pellets can also be pushed onto a hair rig as well as using them directly on the hook as a hookbait pellet. Available in five different flavours to match the popular Swim Stim range of groundbaits and are ideal for match fishing scenarios on commercials. The pellets come in small sealable tubs to lock in the freshness and look great on your sidetray.

"While I'm a big fan of the Pro Expanders, I use these for Waggler fishing or a bait change on hard days"

BaitTech - The Juice Dumbells

The Juice continues to be a massive success story wherever it goes and it seemed only right to use it in the new Juice Dumbells! As commercial Carp continue to wise up BaitTech recognised the need for cutting edge hookbaits and a wide variety of presentation options. Offering the angler to easily swap between these using simple attachment methods such as bait bands, hair rigs or bayonets catching more carp and winning more matches has never been easier!

"I used these predominantly when fishing the method feeder and I've caught some big carp using them"

Ringers - Chocolate Orange Wafters 

This neutral bouyancy hook bait has taken the match world by storm. The product has been unstoppable taking in the 2016 Angling Times Matchbait of the Year award along the way. Fluoro orange in colour with a lovely chocolate flavour - will tempt even the trickiest carp. These bright orange in colour, semi-buoyant boilies have an absolutely gorgeous chocolate orange aroma that smell good enough to eat

Unlike a conventional boilie that is designed to sit hard on the lake bed, the wafters are designed to produces a semi-buoyant presentation that makes the bait move naturally when fish are feeding in the area.

To produce this presentation, these baits utilises the weight of the hook as an anchor, to keep them close to the lake bed but still able to waft about when a fish is active over your baited spot (thus the name Wafter).

"I've lost count of the number of Carp I've caught on these Wafters"

Sonu Baits - Semi Buoyant Band-ums

The unique shape means they can be banded with ease and are difficult for the fish to pull from the band, which means less time rebaiting and more time fishing.

I've caught plenty of fish with either the White Chocolate or the Krill versions over the years

They can be used on the pole, waggler or feeder.