Historical Match stats
Being in full time employment means I am only able to fish at weekends, the odd day off and a few evening matches in the summer 

I started to record my match results at the start of 2014 

The matches I fish range from, small knock ups, club matches, open matches and commercial opens. I consider myself to be a good angler that likes to fish Commercial opens most of the year with the odd small knock up or smaller match every now and again. After many years club fishing and winning a lot of matches, cups and trophies in 2018 I decided to fish just Commercial Opens. My framing ratio was around 50% for these clubs matches. Since 2018 this frame ratio has dropped due to the quantity of the anger I now fish against most weeks of the year.

I have found that the quality of the anglers fishing commercial style venues isn't that far ahead of the good club angler. This main difference is that these Commercial anglers generally fish at the same venue all the time and are very "switched on" to the current methods/tactics required during the year at their chosen venues. To succeed on these Commercial venues requires dedication by the angler. These become so called venue experts and for the occasional angler dipping into these venue's, picking up any winnings can be very difficult.  I know anglers that have gone several years fishing these venue's before they finally begin to pick up regularly. So making the step up from club fishing to commercial opens isn't anything to fear but you do need to put the hours in to succeed.

2019 predominantly Commercial open venues

94 matches fished - 5 match wins and 22 framing places, catching 4,736lb of fish giving me a frame ratio for 2019 of 29%

2018 predominantly Commercial open venues

106 matches fished - 5 match wins and 21 framing places, catching 3,735lb of fish giving me a frame ratio for 2018 of 21%

2017 predominantly club fishing  

92 matches fished - 12 match wins and 30 framing places, catching 2236lb of fish giving me a frame ratio for 2017 of 50% 

2016 predominantly club fishing

102 matches fished - 17 match wins and 42 framing places, catching 3,060lb of giving me a frame ratio for 2016 of 57% 

2015 predominantly club fishing 

77 matches fished - 16 match wins and 19 framing places,  catching 2,001lb of fish giving me a frame ratio for 2015 of 49% 

2014 predominantly club fishing 

69 matches fished - 16 match wins, 17 framing places, catching 1,826lb of fish giving me a frame ratio for 2014 of 55%

Commercial Open Wins

30/12/19 Woodland View Open 87lb 0oz

2/3/19 Hilliview Open - 115lb 8oz

9//2/19 Hillview Open - 61lb 0oz

25/11/18 Hillview Open - 81lb 0oz

21/1/18 Manor Farm Leisure - 22lb 14oz 

7/12/17 Manor Farm Leisure - 64lb 8oz 


2019 Runner up - 3 day Autumn Somerset Leveller

2018 Runner up - 3 day Spring Somerset Leveller

2017 Winner - Jubilee Fishery Winter Warmer Series

2016 Winner - Jubilee Fishery Spring League

2016 Runner up - Jubilee Fishery 2 Day Festival

2015 Runner up - 3 day Spring Somerset Leveller

2015 Winner - Jubilee Fishery Winter League 

2009 - Winner Jubilee Fishery Spring League 

2003 Winner - Tunnel Barn Farm Teams of Three 

100lb+ match weights

163lb 1oz - The Withies, Jubilee fishery 1/10/16

142lb 15oz - Campbell pool, Viaduct fishery 5/4/19

138lb 0oz - Pete's pool Tirley Court 11/8/19

129lb 4oz - The Jubilee pool, Jubilee fishery 14/5/12

126lb 14oz - Pete's pool, Tirley Court 22/9/14

125lb 0oz - Hillview Sunday Open, Canal 3, 25/8/19 

125lb 0oz - The Withies, Jubilee fishery 8/10/16

123lb 13oz - Carey pool, Viaduct fishery 27/9/19

122lb 0oz - Hillview Sunday Open, Heron pool, 26/5/19

121lb 5oz - Pete's pool, Tirley Court 30/8/15

115lb 8oz - Moorhen pool, Hillview 2/3/19

115lb 0oz - Willow pool, Lower Broadheath 8/9/19

114lb 8oz - Hawford Bridge, Bridge pool 5/1/20

113lb 5oz - Campbell pool, Viaduct fishery 11/5/18

112lb 0oz - Sycamore pool, Lower Broadheath 16/6/19

111lb 8oz - New pool, Tunnel Barn Farm 16/7/18

 106lb 8oz - Hillview Sunday Open, canal 3 20/10/2019

102lb 0oz - Twyning pool. Tewkesbury 28/3/09 

100lb 0oz - Broomhill pool, Hawford Bridge - 1/12/19