Review of the year 2017
15,000 website visitors had 35,000 page views  

I started the year in good form hoping to continue the good framing ratio of 2016. A couple of early wins at Lower Broadheath fisheries produced some good winter fun and I managed to win the 3 match Winter Warmer Series at the Jubilee fishery. So I had a good start to the year.

Next up was the Jubilee Spring League and things didn't really happen for me this year. I kept drawing on the Withies pool which had been fishing very poorly all year. So drawing every round on the Withies pool killed my chances of doing well.

I got married this spring in Las Vegas so I missed the Jubilee Fishery Spring Festival this year. But a big highlight of the year was STAGfest this was my stag fishing weekend down in Somerset with 12 other anglers who I regularly fish with. This was a 3 day festival on Emerald pools. Avalon fisheries and Trinity Waters.

I brought a STAGfest cap for everybody to wear for the weekend and put up a nice engraved Silver Salver for the winner to keep forever.

John Swain won STAGfest and I managed a win on the second day at Avalon fisheries with 39lb of fish. The bulk of this winning weight was made up of Skimmers which weighed 25lb. They were really nice to catch.

As we went into the late spring I managed to pick up a couple of Cups with two club match wins at the Jubilee fishery. The Jubilee fishery Tuesday evening opens began in April, which were disappointing this year for me as I only won two of the matches compared to the record of nine wins I set last year, plus framing in 16 of the 18 matches I fished last year. So the Tuesday evening opens were a struggle this year. However half of them were on the out of form Withies pool and winning on this pool really became a lottery at the draw this year.

This year I decided to stop fishing club canal matches in the summer and to start visiting local commercial fisheries. The Manor Farm Leisure Complex is local to me and I visited this a few times during the summer. It took me a few visits to get to know the venue but it wasn't long before I was beginning to frame here against some very good commercial anglers. I also fished a couple of opens at Tunnel Barn Farm and framed in one of them too. These two venues are hard places to frame where you are up against some very good anglers who fish these venues week in and week out.

I was part of a six man Evesham Jubilee team that entered the Angling Times Supercup. We beat Shipston on Stour AC in the 1st round and then a strong Babcocks A.C team in the 2nd round to qualify for the regional semi-final at Tunnel Farm Barn. Sadly our run finished here and we were well beaten up against some very strong teams.

The autumn saw me return to Somerset fishing the Birbeck festival for the four year now. I struggled on the first and second days but weighed in 90lb for 2nd in the match on the last day at Lands End fishery with 90lb which was also my best weight of the year. No tonnes this year!!

I ended the year with 12 match wins, 11 seconds and several framing places from 90 odd matches which brought my match framing ratio down from 57% to 47% this year. This ratio was down 10% due to me fishing more commercial open matches than the previous year, fishing on new venues against some very good anglers which takes time to learn. Plus there were a few club matches on the struggling Withies pool which also didn't help.

So this year has been a good one, not as good as the previous year's record breaker. I've still enjoyed every match I've entered, good or bad and caught a few fish. As long as I can keep doing that I'm happy.

If you have enjoyed reading about my match fishing exploits during the last 12 months I hope you have enjoyed them. This year has seen 15,000 visits to this website and 35,000 page views.

Here's to a good 2018