Review of the year 2018
2018 saw a lot of changes in my fishing 

2018 was the year of many changes personally for my fishing. I resigned as a club secretary after 14 years. Joined another fishing club. Fished a lot of new venues and I fished more commercial opens than ever before.  

I kicked off the year with an Open match win at Manor Farm Leisure in January, so a good start and at this point in time a hadn't planned to fish many commercial opens but as the year progressed this would become the norm! 

First up was the remainder of the Jubilee Fishery Winter league to finish off. This venue really wasn't fishing well and after many bad matches their the previous year after the 4th round where I caught Nowt. I decided to take my fishing elsewhere after 15 years fishing the venue. 

I wasn't the only one feeling this way, several of my club mates felt the same and we began to fish local commercial open matches from this point on. 

We ended up joining with another club, Brookfields AC. This club appealed to us as they just fish in the summers months mainly at commercial venues in the local area. So we began fishing these new venues such as Woodland View with Brookfields. 

My fishing at the Jubilee Fishery completely stopped now at weekends but as we went into the late spring and summer months I did fish at the Jubilee fishery on their Tuesdays evening opens. I wasn't expecting much from these short evening matches but being 5 minutes from where I work it's ideal for me. I had mixed fortunes this year, only winning two of these matches and I blanked in a couple of matches which has never happened in 15 years fishing these evening matches. 

We fished a festival down in Somerset in early April over 3 days at Viaduct, Trinity Waters and the Sedges. I'd looked forward to fishing at Viaduct all year and it didn't disappoint with 10 of us breaking the 100lb barrier, I weighed in 113lb for 3rd in my section. I got a section win at Trinity the next day and another section and 2nd in match on the last day. These points got me into joint 1st place for the festival only for me to lose out on weight count back. 

By June I'd now fished Commercials a lot more than in previous years and had learnt loads, fishing against some very good anglers. We fished a Golden Reel qualifier at Larford and to be honest this was really to bigger step up in class and I got my arse spanked! I practised for this match a few weeks before and caught my biggest fish of the year, a carp around 20lb.

September saw me return to the Jubilee Fishery to fish a match on a Sunday. My first visit there for 9 months. This match was a big Charity match that I always fish. I caught only two fish and this only reaffirmed to me that I had made the right discussion at the start of the year to fish away from the Jubilee fishery. 

The autumn Somerset festival was next up at Viaduct, The Sedges and Avalon. I struggled for the first couple of days but I caught 78lb for 2nd place at Avalon. The damage was done on the first two days and I finished in a lowly 7th place in the festival. 

Next up was a teams of 4 match run by Whitehall 1212 AC at Lower Broadheath fisheries with 23 teams fishing. I captained an Evesham Jubilee team to a 3rd place finish. 

As we went into the winter of 2018 us anglers that had broken away from Evesham Jubilee formed Jubilee Nomads and I set up our own website. We as a group, now fish commercial opens with normally at least one of us picking up most weekends. Personally I have really enjoyed fishing this way this year and I have learnt lots. We entered into the Woodland View winter pairs league and myself and my partner Andy actually won the first round. Andy and me also entered the Manor Farm Leisure winter league but we're not doing so well there but there are still a few rounds to go in both leagues. 

As we got into December I ran into a bit of form winning an open at Hillview and coming 3rd at Woodland Views Christmas Fur and Feather match. 

Around this time a decided to resign from my post a club secretary with Evesham Jubilee after 14 years. During this time I had helped develop the Jubilee Fishery and I'd been actively involved with running the club. I'd not been fishing there for nearly a year now and I felt the club had also changed from the club I joined in 1998 so I decided to step down. 

So that's 2018 done and dusted. A year with many changes in my fishing world. I've had my 1st year fishing mainly commercials, fishing against some very good anglers and I've learnt loads. I wasn't picking up so much in the first half of the year but as the year progressed I began picking up a little more regularly. Lets hope 2019 can only get better!!