Review of the year 2019

2019 Review of the year

2019 saw an end to pretty much all of my club fishing. Having left Evesham Jubilee the year before, I concentrated on fishing Commercial opens and the odd club match during the summer with Brookfields AC as they fish some great venues. This year I mainly fished with my Jubilee Nomad mates mostly concentrated on Hillview and Woodland View opens most of the time. However I also had pick-ups at Tunnel Barn Farm, Solhampton, Lower Park, The Jam Factory, Hawford Bridge and Manor Farm Leisure on the odd occasion we went away from the main two venues.

The start of the year saw the finish of the ICS Winter pairs league at Woodland View. Myself and partner Andy finished in 8th overall place and we got in the final pay out. This was our first go at this league and we were happy to frame in the league at a venue we were still learning at the time.

I also had a bit of early year success at Hillview winning a couple of Opens to go with a few section wins throughout the year and now I feel I've got to know the venue now.

As we came into the spring it was back down to Somerset for Mark Birbecks Spring festival at Viaduct, the Sedges and Avalon. I didn't really do any good but I managed 2nd place at Viaduct with 142lb. So when we returned back in the autumn another 3 day festival I hoped to do better. I actually tied in first place only to miss out on weigh count back. I did another tonne at Viaduct for another 2nd in the match but the highlight of the trip was at Avalon fisheries on the Moors pool where a had a great days fishing catching 54lb of Silvers and some Carp. My biggest Silver fish haul to date.

During the summer months I began to fish some knock up matches at the Vale Golf Club on Tuesday evenings with the other Nomads. The fishing there is amazing. I rate it better than any venue I've ever been to and I've been to a lot. The place is fantastic fishing considering angling isn't there main focus. They don't really know how good it is. Fishing up there on a Tuesday evening was simply brilliant. Bags of fish every time.

During the course of this year I caught a lot of fish, over 4,500lb from 90 odd matches including 10 100lb+ nets of fish. The most I've caught in a year. This is largely due to me fishing just good venues with my Jubilee Nomads mates. I am so glad I moved away from just fishing the one venue. My fishing has improved so much over the last 18 months. Moving away from club fishing was the best thing I've done in the last 18 months. It's harder to frame but the fishing is much better because I'm at a good venue every week. This year saw me win 5 matches and frame in another 22. This gave me a frame ratio of 29% and given the quality of anglers that I am mixing with these days I will be looking to build on that next year and I aim to get back to the 50% ratio I enjoyed back in 2017 with mostly club fishing.

I continue to post regularly on my personal website, facebook and Twitter accounts and this year I hope my blogs have made interesting reading. I launched a new Jubilee Nomads website and handed the Admin role over for the Evesham Jubilee website.

Highlights of the year were the Commercial Open wins but as I look back on the year. The 54lb of Silvers I caught at Avalon Fishery was my most enjoyable days fishing. I had some really good Skimmers that day. Other enjoyable days were a section win at Hillview where I weighted in 122lb of all F1's and the two tonne+ weights from Viaduct.

As the year ended I caught a 100lb bag of fish in December at Hawford Bridge on the Broomhill pool, the first time I've done a tonne in December and I fished a couple of Fur and Feather matches. I managed to pick up a section win at the Hillview one and also I won an Open at Woodland View. So a nice end to the year. Let's see what 2020 brings.