Shallow fishing for F1's and large Carp

During the summer month's carp spend a lot of time feeding on, or just under, the surface and can be caught here by constantly pinging pellets over your shallow pole rig.

The idea is to attract the fish into the swim so they feel confident and begin to complete for the trickle of pellets falling through the water. Large weights can soon be built up on this method. These fish will be F1's and or large carp depending on the venue so rig choice largely depends on which type of fish you a targeting. F1's fishing requires low diameter lines and small hooks as F1's are shy-biting but for large carp larger diameter line and strong hooks are needed.

Preston Innovation's Lee Kerry explains how he catches F1's shallow on this video below. 

F1 rigs - Try to fish as light as possible with low diameter lines and small hooks to make your hook pellet act more naturally when it falling through the water. Having several rigs set up is handy because this F1's can feed at 6 inches deep or even 2 foot deeper. They generally won't stay at the same depth all day so different rigs will help you stay in touch with them. One key thing to remember is to keeping working your rig, you are trying to make your hook bait look like one of the loose fed pellets and leaving your rig sat still for a few minutes isn't going to help. If allowed on the match venue slapping your rig several times on the surface before dropping your rig into the water will mimic the sound of the feed pellets hitting the water and help your catch rate. Another method to be tap the water surface with the end of your pole tip, again this is to attract the F1's into the swim if fishery rules allow this.

My F1 rigs are made up on 0.15mm Guru N-Gauge main line with a small Nick Gilbert NG XT inline dibber pole float, these floats eliminate wrap overs when shipping out. They have a short stem so with a 4 inch 0.13mm or 0.11mm N-Gauge hook length tied to either a size 18 or 20 Guru Super LWG banded hook you can fish in the top 6 inches of water if required.

Light elastics are required for this type of fishing and I favour a no.10 hollow elastic set up on a puller bung. Once a F1 takes the hook bait it will bolt off away from the other feeding F1's reducing the risk of spooking the other F1's in the swim.

Preston's Graham West explains how to catch Carp shallow

Shallow Carp Rigs - Larger Carp rigs need to be much stronger than the F1 rigs so I tie this up on 0.18mm mainline to a short 4inch 0.15mm hook length. The larger carp don't tend to come up in the water as shallow as F1's so these shallow rigs are generally 2-3 foot deep. I use a Nick Gilbert NG XT inline Gandhi float on these rigs because these short floats are very strong and perfect for fishing shallow particularly when long lining. The float is cocked and fishing as soon as it hits the water. Hook choice on these rigs is a size 16 or 14 Guru Super LWG banded hook with a 6mm pellet as hook bait. Having 12-18 inches between the pole tip and the float allows the fish to stay confident as the pole tip isn't above their heads. The rig need to be worked like the F1 rig. Lifting the dropping all the time mimicking the loose fed pellets which need to be pinging in all the time.

Slightly strong elastic's should be used on these shallow carp rigs. I tend to favour hollo 16 if fishing open water as I wish the hooked carp to bolt off away from the other feeding carp but if fishing near an island I set up to 18 hollo to stop the fish bolting into snags on the island. 

Steve Ringer showing us how he catches Carp shallow on the video below