The Terminal tackle I favour
This is the business end of your tackle and using a good balance of the right sized line diameter, hook size for the bait used and the correct size of elastic on pole rigs will land you more fish. 

Pole fishing dominates on most fishing matches as fishing with a pole allows you to accurately feed and present your bait with lighter terminal tackle which in theory gives you more bites. 

These are the items of terminal tackle that I tend to favour when fishing Stillwaters with a pole 

Guru XS Carp 6 inch Ready Rigs

After years tying hook lengths up before matches I tried these 6 inch Ready Rigs from Guru for my Carp margin pole rigs. I can't fault them and they are very strong hooks. and I now just buy these in bulk so that I have plenty. They fit perfectly in my Guru hook box. These are really just for margin work with big baits like 8mm meat so I only use then in size 14's which are tied to 0.17mm Guru N-Gauge line and used with 0.19mm mainlines and Red Hydro. 

Guru Split Shot 

Recently I returned to using split shot since Guru released these new split shot boxes Each one even the smallest no.12's are perfectly made and sit on the line neatly. Also they don't seem to oxide like Prestons stots when they've been in water a few times. Plus the neat storage box they are supplied in save spillages. 

Pole rig line 

For years I have used Silstar Matchteam for all my Stillwater Carp pole rigs.

Generally using 0.18mm mainlines in the summmer months and 0.14mm in the winter months. As well as good strength and durability for its diameter it also has a very good stretch factor.

As things change and new tackle comes onto the market it's very easy to just carry on using the same stuff but as things move forward I am beginning to switch onto Guru's N-Gauge line again this seems to have a true line diameter for its line strength. I tend to use this line on my F1 rigs.  


Stotz are a hybrid shot designed for use on larger diameter lines

The wide groove makes placing them on the line quick and easy. Another advantage is the increased surface area that grips the line. This prevents damage and also stops the Stotz pinging off under stress. The flat ends of Stotz produce a neat bulk when they are grouped together and they are very easy to slide up and down your line if rig adjustment is required.

Guru Dacron connectors

Dacron connectors provide a neat link between your elastic and your rig. The Dacron holds your rig away from your pole tip whist the purpose designed bead makes sure the Dacron points forwards to keep tangles to an absolute minimum.

They look difficult to fit and use but they really are very simple to fit and attaching your rigs is also very easy to do. Drennans Alan Scotthorne show you how to fit and use them on this video below

Feeder/Bomb Hook Lenghts

Guru's QM1 hooks are now available on ready-tied rigs, in 15 and 4-inch versions and with Speedstop, bayonet and bait band attachment options. The 15-inch versions are supplied on EVA spools, so they can be dropped straight into the Guru Rig Box and the 4-inch versions can be housed in the Rig Case. So the days of spending evenings tying hook lenghts are long gone, as I cannot tie this by hand better. Storage on these EVA spools in the Guru rig box also means I don't have to travel with long hook lenght boxes these days. 

Margin elastic - only one choice, Red Hydrolastic from Diawa 

When it comes to elastics for summer bagging sessions Red Hydro is the only elastic I use. This will tame any sized fish but more importantly in a match situation, very quickly. I don't want to be wasting time playing a large carp on a light elastic towards the end of a match for longer than is necessary. Especially if I'm catching well in the margins in the last hour of the match. As soon as my baited hook goes back in the water I'm ready for the next one.  

Banded Hooks for Carp and F1 Hard pellet fishing  

I used to spend hours tying up the eyed version of the B911 hook using a knotless knot with a small band on the hair. These days for Carp and F1 hard pellet fishing I just buy Guru's Super LWG ready rigs.

I recently switched to these because I just cannot tye them better. They come pre-tied with Guru N-Gauge line and the line diameters to hook size are really well balanced. I really recommend them and I keep plenty spare packets in my seatbox. They also sit perfectly in a small Guru hook box 

As we get into the winter months I like to use the lighter wired version, the Kamasan B911 F1 hook

For this type of fishing I use the smaller sized 18 and 20 hooks when using a soft expander pellet or maggots You are generally fishing for anything that swims, silver fish and the odd carp. You need to fine things down in the winter. I've still caught double figure Carp in the winter with this lighter wire hooks as the carp generally will not fight as strong as they do in the summer months.   

Pole Elastic's 

In recent years using hollo elastic's fitted through a top kit used in conjunction with a side puller bung have enabled pole anglers to use lighter elastics which have plenty of stretch in them. This enables your hooked fish to swim away from the feeding shoal of fish and allows lighter rigs to be used, which in turn leads to more bites.  I have used plenty of different brands on the market and to be honest they are all very good. I don't particularly favour one brand over another. To be effective they do need to be tensioned correctly and the dacron should only slip back to the PTFE bush on the end of the pole gently.  

Feeder/Bomb Hook Lenghts for Natural venues 

Again Guru have this sorted with their LWGF Ready rigs These are out-and-out traditional feeder hook links, that are perfect for so many natural waters. They're 1m long, and can be cut down if you so wish. Partnered the proven N-Gauge hook link material with out LWGF hooks, which have been designed for catching fish like bream on natural waters. The hook links are supplied on EVA spools which drop straight into our Rig Box storage system.

The days of tying your own hook lenghts are over. I can't tie these better by hand and the time saved is a great help when you work full time and don't have the spare time to tie hook lenghts up. Thanks to Guru there is no need these days.

Storage of  up to 1 metre long long hook lenghts is also easy this days. The days of carrying long hook lenght boxes as also over